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The ECDB provided by the ETUI offers key information on both established SEs and companies planning to adopt SE status. A specific focus of interest is the aspect of worker involvement within these SEs. A factsheet is available for each planned or already established SE and the database is updated regularly.

The ECDB aims to provide information on the use of the SE statute and to monitor implementation of the SE Directive in the area of worker involvement where the Directive contains provision for a legally binding procedure of negotiations on worker information, consultation and participation. The number of SEs has been increasing continuously since the SE legislation came into force. The ECDB delivers key data to facilitate observation and analysis of developments in this rather new but dynamic field of European company law and European industrial relations. Since 2005 the ETUI has been regularly issuing information on registered SEs. The information is compiled by the ETUI's ECDB team under co-ordination of Anders Carlson, Aline Hoffmann with support of the SEEurope research network.

Use of the SE Factsheets


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